The keys to your success

The key to your success in the near future is to study all of the lessons on the launch pad and on the to-do list on your SFI home page. Log-in every day on SFI

The keys to your success

Earn Versa points as you complete the tasks.

Join the E365 contest to increase you bonus to $100.

Order the Payoneer debit card to get your payments instantly paid to your card. You also get 500 Versa points for applying.

If you work at the SFI program and give it time to develop, and build your downline team, you will be successful.

Access your free membership on and establish your member name so you can bid on items and play the Zebra game.

As soon as you become comfortable with the system, rules, and the training, I suggest you enter a standing order to acquire recruits (PSAs) to your team by ordering the 10, 20, 50, or 100 PSA packs through

I also suggest you join the Wave3 program that works  through and also order anything you need each month at the tripleclicks site using your membership. Purchases will give you Versa points and Tripleclicks credits.

Try to earn at least 1500 Versa points each month or enter a standing order (SO) for something that gives you 1500 Versa points, such as a pack of 125 Tcredits, to reach EA (Executive Affiliate) status.

You can work the business any way you want to. It is your business.

But don’t skip the training lessons. Log into your home page every day and do the to-do list. There are tasks you can do to build up and maintain your Versa points every day.

Talk to your friends, family, and social media contacts about joining the business with you. Send them your personal gateway link that they can use to join SFI and you will be there sponsor and share in commissions on their sales and eventually the sales of any organizations they build under the SFI program. They will be part of your organization.

If you have questions, email me and I will help you, or i will find someone that can help you.

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