7 SFI Commandments

Are you guilty of flouting any of the following "7 SFI Commandments"? 1. Read - Be a voracious reader of at least the entire SFI website, over as short a time as you possibly can. The way to make money in SFI is "hidden" in the books/website. … [Continue reading]

How to do SFI business

THe key to your success in the near future is to study all of the lessons on the launch pad and on the to-do list on your SFI home page. Log-in every day on SFI. Earn Versa points as you complete the tasks. Join the E365 contest to increase you … [Continue reading]

DO something to grow your business every day

DO something to grow your business every day You will not create a successful business by thinking about it. You will create a successful business ONLY by DOING...by TAKING ACTION every day. Every day, no matter what, make sure you're doing … [Continue reading]

Have a plan to do SFI business!

Good information to plan your SFI business activities: For the benefit of those who wants to bring their SFI business to a new height , I am laying for you a simple plan that you and your Team can follow so you and your Team are headed in the … [Continue reading]

Team Building: Developing A Team To Rely On

Team building is very important when it comes to managing people. People are simply more willing to work together, when the atmosphere encourages it. For many organizations this is quite necessary for the business to run well. When everyone gets … [Continue reading]

How To Build Your Team Free Way

If you're trying to build your SFI team and having some difficult,in this article a am going to explain to you how to build your SFI team free way. There are many different ways how you can build your team free way, here are some: Online … [Continue reading]

SFI Business-How To Motivate Your SFI Team

How do you feel this principle with your SFI Business? No doubt it will show the progressiveness of your business day-by day. Don’t sit by recruiting a PSA, but you have to train him / her step-by-step with our various marketing techniques. You can … [Continue reading]

Herculist Solo Ads will Explode your Home Business

My name is Lusekelo  but I prefer to be called simply seki and today i am going to tell you how  Herculist Solo Ads will Explode your Home Business and especially if you're involved in SFI. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for some years … [Continue reading]


If you´re in SFI you probably know that card king is one of the very famous games at SFI,i have won card king many times and i would like to offer you some tips that helped me to do so. 1. The first thing I say to myself when I am playing is … [Continue reading]

12 ways to promote SFI Business

Are you a member of SFI? if yes i am sure that you're looking for ways to promote SFI business and build a strong team in order to boost your perks and commissions. Here are 12 ways to promote SFI business. 1. Let us start with … [Continue reading]