How to overcome objections of people to our SFI business

Here are some points you can use to overcome objections of people to our SFI business: SFI – THE GLOBAL FORTUNE BUILDERs NETWORK. Most people are interested in earning money online in the comfort of their homes but lack the patience to … [Continue reading]

best way to operate my SFI business

Some of you are new and some of you may not have a clear idea what to do with your SFi business that you joined. Here are some suggestions for you: The key to your success in the near future is to study all of the lessons on the launch pad and … [Continue reading]

How to take care of your SFI team

Having a big SFI team is a key to success to your SFI business,but having a big team only will not serve you as much if you don't take of them. In this Article i am going to give you some tips you can use if you want to take care of your SFI … [Continue reading]

Lowest Cost Way To Build SFI Downline

I am sure you know that in order to make a great income with SFI you need to Build SFI Downline and there are some cost asociated with it.But in this article i am going to explain to you how to build SFI downline in the lowest cost way. By now … [Continue reading]

What should i do to build my SFi business?

Do you wander each day through a maze of problems and tasks that you are not really sure is getting you anywhere in your SFI business? Maybe you have tried to sell this item or that item from tripleclicks and you have had little or no … [Continue reading]

How to build your SFI team without spending your money

It is possible to build my SFI team without spending any money? This is the question i get a lot so in this post i am going to teach you how to build your SFI team without spending any money. Create free blog from google or wordpress if you … [Continue reading]

What is a good standing order?

You may be considering setting up a standing order. What should your standing order provide you to help you with your SFi business. I suggest the following points: 1.The order should provide you with some Tcredits so that you can participate in … [Continue reading]

Are you ready for retirement?

Most of us do not worry about retirement. But the wise thing to do is to create as much income as possible and save a good portion of it for your retirement. Take a look at lesson no. 6 which i am including here or go to the SFI launch pad and … [Continue reading]

How to make a profit

Other than having fun there is only one reason for working with SFI and that is to make money-- a profit! Where do profits from SFI come from? Mostly from sponsoring people and getting advanced in rank to be assigned CSAs. If you become an EA you … [Continue reading]

If you have a SFI downline-This is what to do

To those of you who have a downline here are some suggestion on how to motivate them: If you have a downline, people that you are sponsoring, you need to help them become successful. Here are some points that i suggest: 1.) First establish … [Continue reading]