Lowest Cost Way To Build SFI Downline

I am sure you know that in order to make a great income with SFI you need to Build SFI Downline and there are some cost asociated with it.But in this article i am going to explain to you how to build SFI downline in the lowest cost way.

Lowest Cost Way To Build SFI Downline

By now most of you i am sue realize that the only way to make significant money in SFI is by building a good downline. Do you need a lot of people? No you just need 5 to 10 ambitious people in your downline that will invest in their business and build their own downline who are also good workers.

So how can you find good people who will work hard for you?

There are a few ways:

1. Look for ambitious people that you might meet of know and present the SFI opportunity to them, with a personal sales approach, but don’t hound or badger people. The right person will tell you yes or no without a complicated sales pitch.

2. Advertise for people. You can place classified ads, or advertise on social media using SFI approved ads (check the SFI marketing aids and ask your sponsor for approved images you can use.

3. Let SFI do the advertising for you with their professional ads. You can take advantage of the SFi advertising program by investing in th S-builder C0-op units. You will not get a lot of people but the ones you get are likely to be motivated because they took the trouble to answer an advertisement. You can get both affiliates and PRMs this way. One S-builder Co-op unit is $24 list, and $22 on a standing order.

I use all three of the methods above. I get the best results on facebook and the S-builder Co-op units.

As a minimum business investment of $24 how can you beat the S-builder Co-op method? You can’t even operate a hot dog stand for $24 a month. and eventually with only one S-builder Co-op unit you will build your downline.

With the social media advertising you can usually advertise for free so that is a very good way if you want to do your own adverising.

There are also many classified advertising sites that you can place free ads on.

So with SFI there are ways to build your business at very low cost!

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