If you have a SFI downline-This is what to do

To those of you who have a downline here are some suggestion on how to motivate them:

If you have a downline, people that you are sponsoring, you need to help them become successful.

Here are some points that i suggest:

1.) First establish good communication. Use email, E-cards, SFI chat, and the telephone if you can.

2.) Be respectful, everyone has limitations and problems to deal with. Never criticize!

3.) Make sure your Affiliates and your co-sponsored people know you are available to help them with problems or questions concerning anything with SFI work, or tripleclicks.

4.) Make suggestions on what they should do for example a real business requires some investment. A minimal investment should be a standing order that will provide at least 1500 VP every month to maintain EA status with more ways to earn money.

5.) Get your leadership page in order to inspire your Affiliates. Do the blog on your page. Earn some badges that demonstrate your leadership abilities, for example go for an “A” on the biz quiz.

6.) Set up some incentives on your leadership page in the form of contests each month. For example $5 for first time EA, $10 for first time BTL, etc. The prizes do not have to be large but be as generous as you can be.

7.) For more advanced Affiliates, show them how and where to advertise for Affiliates to work for them. Show them how to useĀ  facebook, twitter, etc. for placing ads. ( make sure your ads are approved by SFI.)

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