How to make a profit

Other than having fun there is only one reason for working with SFI and that is to make money– a profit!

Where do profits from SFI come from? Mostly from sponsoring people and getting advanced in rank to be assigned CSAs. If you become an EA you get 2 CSA a month.

Money comes to you mostly in the form of commissions from people in your downline and CSAs when they spend money on Soooo…. YOU NEED TO SPONSOR PEOPLE AND MAINTAIN AT LEAST THE MINIMUM RANK OF EA TO HAVE A PROFITABLE BUSINESS!

Now the two things you need to do is to learn about sponsoring by reading the lesson below here or on the launchpad as lesson 5.

The second thing you need to do is be sure to communicate with your sponsor and get advice. For example your team leader knows how to sponsor people, usually through advertisement. Find out how he or she does it by COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR SPONSOR!

Ask and you shall receive!

Here is lesson no. 5 on sponsoring people:

Introduction to Sponsoring
Do you know anyone who might like to earn some extra cash (or a full-time income) working from their computer?  We bet you do!  And even if you don’t know anyone like that, rest assured, there are millions of people around the world who ARE looking for just such a vehicle. We’ll show you how to connect with them…using simple but powerful marketing tools we provide to you at no cost…and with our inexpensive, plug-and-play co-op advertising programs like S-Builder Co-op.

And it’s easy to attract people because SFI is 100% free to join, there’s never any obligation or sales quotas, and no experience is necessary.

So, without ever having to twist anyone’s arm, you introduce people to SFI. They then start making internet sales. And because you were responsible for them joining SFI, we pay you “override commissions.” That is, for every sale THEY make, you automatically earn commissions, too! And not just once, but for every sale they make, month after month, year after year…for life (i.e.Residual Income)!

Imagine having a dozens or hundreds of people generating sales every month…and YOU earning a portion of every sale!  This is the power of sponsoring other affiliates in SFI.

In lessons to come, we’ll show you just how easy it is to get started in sponsoring.

TIP: Did you know that studies show that the average 21-year old already knows over 800 people? Check our “Who do you know?” list for ideas for people to introduce SFI to.

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