How to help your team to grow their home business with SFI

Most people online seeking a home businessĀ are not yet serious about being a business owner. They fall for promises of free and no effort, we do it for you, and the other broken promises of internet marketing scams. The ones you want to be concerned with are the ones who come back and say what do I need to invest in or I have no money to invest so how can I?
How to Grow a  Home Business with SFI
The ones who want to know what to invest in it’s easy to point them in the right direction, pay for things that will grow your business, be it S-Builder Co-Op shares or PSA to Go, maybe T-credits to try and secure Bid and Build PSA while winning low cost PSA and CSA at auction.

The affiliate who thinks they have no money needs to be shown money they may already have and methods to make money they don’t have.

To find money you do have but don’t know of you need to write down a serious list of all the things you spend money for in a month and scan it for things you can do without while building your business. This could mean a sack lunch instead of eating out while at work, it could be taking the buss or carpooling instead of using your own vehicle by yourself. It could be eating hamburger one night you would normally eat roast or steaks, and chicken and rice instead of ham and canned vegetables. It can also be turning the thermostat up or down 2 degrees depending on the time of year, turning out all unneeded lights and operating only one TV at a time, or getting a new efficiency toilet and taking dry showers where you turn off the water while lathering and soaping then rinse all at once as fast as possible.

If you save up for a wind turbine or a solar panel you can reduce the electric bill even further and you can also do things like selling your equity in the car you are buying and buying a car you can own completely. Always do comparison quotes for your health insurance and auto insurance and look at recycling on your own instead of community bins or regular trash. My family turns on over $30 a month in cans, bottles, plastic, and glass, a month and most families can raise at least $10 a month doing this one earth friendly thing.

If they still come short after this have them take the list of things they buy and see what of their list they can get at TripleClicks which is a great practice anyhow and it will earn the valuable reward points, and Versa Points which basically amount to cash back from their shopping.

Still short then you need to help them with finding more income.

This is where I am constantly saying the best thing to learn first is to generate sales at TripleClicks because your PSA can earn hundreds or even thousands a month referring sales here. Like Amazon and Ebay some of our affiliates earn 5 figure incomes off 90% PRM Sales and ECA royalties. I have talked to a few of them and they wouldn’t replace the faster moving money of PRM recruiting because it allows them to increase their advertising reach for PSA of their own.

Learn Niche Affiliate Marketing, learn how to use a free WordPress blog, and generate sales and teach them how to do the same.

All else fails they aren’t really trying yet and need to face difficulty before they wake up so give them time and support reminding them of these things..

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