Herculist Solo Ads will Explode your Home Business

My name is Lusekelo  but I prefer to be called simply seki and today i am going to tell you how  Herculist Solo Ads will Explode your Home Business and especially if you’re involved in SFI.

I have been involved in Internet Marketing for some years now and I can tell you that SFI is one of the  real way to build an online business , In order to have a profitable online  business you need to build a  strong, active team that will follow you into any paid program you want them to. Invest your time and resources in getting personal signups, communicating with them and your sponsor, encourage them to communicate back and offer whatever support you can to them. In this way you will build trust and confidence (something that is severely lacking on the Internet) in your team.?

One of the  constant, cheap source of personal sign ups and I rely mainly on the Herculist Safelist below to do it.


Herculist is a 100% optin safe-list. The system is very simple. Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database. When you join Herculist you will instantly receive your personal Herculist site. This site will be needed to login to the members area so that you can submit your ad.

You can be a Free Member, a Pro member or a Gold Member.

FREE MEMBERS – Can post your advertisement to 1000 random Herculist members EVERY 24 hours!

PRO MEMBERS -? Can post every 48 hours to 60260 Members! Costs $49.95 per year (great value) or $9.95 per month.

GOLD MEMBERS – Can post every 24 hours to 60260 Members! GOLD members can also submit HTML ads. $89.95 per year or $14.95 per month.


Initially, I joined as a free member and posted a solo ad out as often as I could. However, I wanted a more regular source of referrals and for less than $50.00 a year the Pro Membership is great value. I don’t like the Gold Membership as I don’t want to bombard the same membership too often and many HTML ads just don’t get through to the reader.

Now as a Herculist Member (whether you are a free or a paid member) you will automatically receive offers such as the following one I got today:-


Smart-list submissions are submitted to 13,000+ members!
Herculist submissions are submitted to 60,000+ members!

Submitting Solo Ads For Over 12 Years!

Order today and we will QUADRUPLE? your submissions .¡¨

Now that¡¦s a solo ad to 73,000+ members x 4 ¡V excellent value for money as these solos really work.

These sorts of promos come every week via email ¡V usually towards the end of the week. You can choose from a $5.95, $10.95, $15.00, $20.00, $40.00 or $60. They also have a $129.95 Master-Pax? but I like to keep my investment moderate ($20, $0 or $60) as I don¡¦t want to over-commit and it offers me the opportunity to see whicht ads work better than others.???

Here’s one I use a lot but I do go to the Members Area of SFI and choose different gatways and mix and match the Headlines and Ad body choices there of which there are many.

Herculist Solo Ads will Explode your Home Business

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