What is a good standing order?

You may be considering setting up a standing order. What should your standing order provide you to help you with your SFi business.

I suggest the following points:

1.The order should provide you with some Tcredits so that you can participate in the EZ games and the PB auctions.

2. Your standing order should provide enough Versa Points so that you can achieve/maintain at least and EA rank each month.

3. Your order should take advantage of the SFi professional advertising, if you are not getting enough PSA and PRM sign-ups with your own methods. You can take advantage of SFI advertising and get a share of sign-ups with S-builder Co-op units.

So suppose that you want to achieve and maintain EA status each month. I suggest the following standing order:

1 pack of 100 Tcredits for $29 with 1200 VP.
1 unit of S-builder Co-op for $24 with 280 VP.
totals $53 and 1480 VP. (what other business can you operate with an expense of only $53 a month? !!!)

You will then get 1480 VP, 100 T-credits, and some number of PSA and PRM from the S-builder Co-op share of advertising results.
You can easily get the remaining 20 VP in one or two days of doing the daily tasks on the SFI home page.
I suggest setting your order date as the 1st of the month so that you get started as soon as possible each month.

If you want to qualify for BTL each month double the above order. You get a little discount doubling the S-builder Co-op units, so 2 units will only cost you $44:

2 packs of 100 T-credits for $58 with 2400 VP.
2 units of S-builder Co-op for $44 with 560 VP.
totals $102 and 2960 VP (you can boost this to 3000VP in a few days to qualify for BTL if you meet the PSA requirements.)

So let’s get out standing order set up today! Go to your member center to set up or edit your standing order on tripleclicks.com.

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