How to build A Solid SFI business in 3 steps

Do you want to build a solid SFI business? I mean a business that can make you residual income every month? If the answer is yes then you’re at the right place.Building a solid SFI business will requiere only three steps.And in this article i am going to share with you all three steps.

3 steps to build A Solid SFI business :

1. Find good people.

The first step is the obvious one,you should find at least five people to work with you.You can find these people by advertising your SFI gateway in safe lists,Facebook,your own blog etc.Not everyone who join you will want to work hard to fulfill their dreams,you will need to continue searching for them until you get at least 5.

2. Make friends with them.

After finding those 5 persons,your next steps will be to became friends with them,you can start this by communicating with them with SFI messaging system and build trust and friendship with time.Try to figure out what is their struggles in business,why they joined etc.This will create a bond between you and your downline and it could be start on something great. Don’t treat them as your downline treat them as persons who want your help.

3. Help them to be successful.

They say you can get what you want if you help enough people to get what they want.This applies here.Teach them what do you,what is working for you and help them as much as you can to be successful and then you will be successful!

Those are three steps you should follow to became in order to build a solid SFI business.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

I got a question from one of my team member today,this post is the answer to that question  “How Do I Create A Free Blog?” I will attempt to provide a detailed step by step guide to creating a free blog using WordPress.Com – a free content management software.

What is WordPress? is a free Content Management Software (CMS) with which you can create a free or paid blog or website. It’s very (if not the most) popular CMS platform and getting started is very simple and easy.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free WordPress Account

Go to the top right hand corner, click on “Get Started”. You will need a valid email address (that has not been used to create another WordPress account) to sign up for a new WordPress account.

Step 2: On the Let’s Get Started Page

There are 5 Steps to creating your blog.

Step #1 – Select the type of design you want.

For the purpose of this post, I chose “A Welcome Page for My Site”

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Step #2 – Choose A Theme. No need to overthink it. You can always switch to a different theme later. I chose the Harmonic Theme.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress


Step #3 – Select A Domain. A domain name is what people type into their browser to visit your site.

Note: If you enter for example ““, the page will give you several options as to whether that domain is available or not. To get the free account, your domain will need to read something like this – “ Every other domain ending in “.com”, “.blog” or the likes will require you to pay. For the purpose of this post, let’s stick with Free account.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Step #4 – Choose Your Plan. There’s free, personal, premium and business plans.

Again, select Free plan. Don’t worry, you can always upgrade later.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Step #5 – Create Your Account.

Enter your details. Click on Create My Account.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Congratulations! You’ve created your blog. But that’s only just the beginning!

Step 3: Activate your blog

WordPress will send you an activation link in your email you used to sign up,just click the confirm link and you’re good to go.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

Step 4: Customize your new blog

Now you have to edit and customize your new blog. To customize your new blog, login to your account, if you are not already logged in, on the left hand side of your dashboard, click on the “Appearance” tab. A drop menu containing several options will pop out. Click on “Customize”.

This is where you customize or edit the blog to your liking. You can change the site identity, choose a new theme, edit the widgets and menu of your blog. Have fun. Explore your new dashboard. Remember to always save your edited settings by clicking the “save and publish” button in the customize page.

Step 4: Add a new post to your blog

To add a new post,just click post,add new post,in the tittle add a tittle to your post and add the who post in the body space.

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress


Step 5: Add a banner to your blog

If you want to add aa banner to your blog do this:

Go to appearance,click widgets and then click text widget.

Add the code for your banner(if it is affiliate banner most of the programs will give you a complete code like one below)

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress


Get sfi Banner

If you want to add your SFI banner this is what you need to do:

Go to marketing center

Click on marketing aid

chose the banner size you want

follow the step as indicated above to add your banner to your blog.

This is how you create a free blog and add your banner  on wordpress ,after creating a blog and adding a banner you need to add more posts in your blog and post the links in social media.If you do this for few months you will start having a lot of visitors to your blog and some of them will become your PSAs.

So go and create your blog today.

Do you want to make money online by using your blog? click here to for a begginers guide to make money blogging.


best way to operate my SFI business

Some of you are new and some of you may not have a clear idea what to do with your SFi business that you joined.

Here are some suggestions for you:

The key to your success in the near future is to study all of the lessons on the launch pad and on the to-do list on your SFI home page. Log-in every day on SFI1 Earn Versa points as you complete the tasks.

Join the E365 contest to increase you bonus to $100.

Order the Payoneer debit card to get your payments instantly paid to your card. You also get 500 Versa points for applying.

If you work at the SFI program and give it time to develop, and build your downline team, you will be successful.

Access your free membership on and establish your member name so you can bid on items and play the Zebra game.

As soon as you become comfortable with the system, rules, and the training, I suggest you enter a standing order to acquire recruits (PSAs) to your team by ordering the 10, 20, 50, or 100 PSA packs through

I also suggest you join the Wave3 program that works  through and also order anything you need each month at the tripleclicks site using your membership. Purchases will give you Versa points and Tripleclicks credits.

Try to earn at least 1500 Versa points each month or enter a standing order (SO) for something that gives you 1500 Versa points, such as a pack of 125 Tcredits, to reach EA (Executive Affiliate) status.

You can work the business any way you want to. It is your business.

But don’t skip the training lessons. Log into your home page every day and do the to-do list. There are tasks you can do to build up and maintain your Versa points every day.

Talk to your friends, family, and social media contacts about joining the business with you. Send them your personal gateway link that they can use to join SFI and you will be there sponsor and share in commissions on their sales and eventually the sales of any organizations they build under the SFI program. They will be part of your organization.

If you have questions, email me and I will help you, or i will find someone that can help you.

Lowest Cost Way To Build SFI Downline

I am sure you know that in order to make a great income with SFI you need to Build SFI Downline and there are some cost asociated with it.But in this article i am going to explain to you how to build SFI downline in the lowest cost way.

Lowest Cost Way To Build SFI Downline

By now most of you i am sue realize that the only way to make significant money in SFI is by building a good downline. Do you need a lot of people? No you just need 5 to 10 ambitious people in your downline that will invest in their business and build their own downline who are also good workers.

So how can you find good people who will work hard for you?

There are a few ways:

1. Look for ambitious people that you might meet of know and present the SFI opportunity to them, with a personal sales approach, but don’t hound or badger people. The right person will tell you yes or no without a complicated sales pitch.

2. Advertise for people. You can place classified ads, or advertise on social media using SFI approved ads (check the SFI marketing aids and ask your sponsor for approved images you can use.

3. Let SFI do the advertising for you with their professional ads. You can take advantage of the SFi advertising program by investing in th S-builder C0-op units. You will not get a lot of people but the ones you get are likely to be motivated because they took the trouble to answer an advertisement. You can get both affiliates and PRMs this way. One S-builder Co-op unit is $24 list, and $22 on a standing order.

I use all three of the methods above. I get the best results on facebook and the S-builder Co-op units.

As a minimum business investment of $24 how can you beat the S-builder Co-op method? You can’t even operate a hot dog stand for $24 a month. and eventually with only one S-builder Co-op unit you will build your downline.

With the social media advertising you can usually advertise for free so that is a very good way if you want to do your own adverising.

There are also many classified advertising sites that you can place free ads on.

So with SFI there are ways to build your business at very low cost!

What should i do to build my SFi business?

Do you wander each day through a maze of problems and tasks that you are not really sure is getting you anywhere in your SFI business?

Maybe you have tried to sell this item or that item from tripleclicks and you have had little or no success?

Or maybe you have talked to all your friends and have not received even one sign-up?

The main and most important thing to do to build your business with SFi is to sponsor people! Building your donwline organization is what will bring you commissions and a good income!

Now if you have not been successful in sponsoring people with your own efforts there are some other ways to sponsor people. There is the S-builder co-op units you can purchase for as low as $22 on a standing order. So for as little as $22 a month you can start building your downline with motiviated people who have responded to SFI’s professional world-wide advertising. There is also PSA to go packs that you can purchase as low as $10 for 5 PSA (this purchase will also qualify you to become a BTL if you have 3000Vp.)

Check out this lesson from the launchpad (you can read it on the launchpad)

From the chapter Introduction to Sponsoring
S-Builder Co-op & PSAs to Go
Building your SFI downline is key to growing a profitable SFI business. And you’ll find numerous training aids, strategies, and lessons at the SFI Affiliate Center to help you do so–including this page in your Sponsoring Affiliates Training section, marketing aids and strategies for promoting SFI, the Team Building section of the SFI Forum, and more.

That said, some new SFI Affiliates trying to set up their businesses might not have the time or the knowledge for finding quality Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) and creating a strong team. If you would rather leave this task to the professionals until you get up to speed with your own marketing efforts, consider joining our S-Builder Co-op and/or purchasing PSAs To Go at TripleClicks.

S-Builder Co-op
S-Builder is our international advertising co-op, available to all SFI affiliates, designed to help you accelerate your path to success. S-Builder attracts new affiliates in worldwide advertising campaigns.

You simply purchase one or more monthly shares and in a few weeks begin to receive new sign-ups (both PSAs and PRMs) assigned with YOU as the sponsor/referrer. Of course, you’ll also receive all related commissions for these PSAs and PRMs!

A share (or unit) of S-Builder is as little as $22, or just 72 cents a day. There are a limited number of spots available in the co-op each month, so don’t wait too long during a given month to sign up! To get complete details for S-Builder, check out the S-Builder central info page.

PSAs To Go
PSAs To Go also offer newly joined SFI affiliates–assigned to YOU as their sponsor, but for direct purchase (instead of as a share of an advertising co-op). You can purchase PSAs To Go in packs of 10, 20, or 50, starting at $39. PSAs To Go are generated through a third party working directly with SFI, from targeted campaigns–directed at people who actively search business opportunities from all over the world. NOTE: You can also bid on third-party generated PSAs at Pricebenders Auctions.

As we mentioned above, YOU will be the personal sponsor for the PSAs you receive via S-Builder and PSAs To Go. Each time they place an order at, you’ll earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume). Teach your new PSAs how to sponsor and duplicate, and these PSAs can eventually become a group of thousands of affiliates in your downline. For each that becomes an EA2, you can earn lucrative Matching VersaPoints! What’s more, a Standing Order for S-Builder and/or PSAs To Go makes a great way to automatically add fresh, new Affiliates to your team every month.

TIP: Add S-Builder Co-op to your standing order, and get unlimited PSAs To Go at its lowest price of just $1.99 each!

How to build your SFI team without spending your money

It is possible to build my SFI team without spending any money? This is the question i get a lot so in this post i

am going to teach you how to build your SFI team without spending any money.

Create free blog from google or wordpress if you don’t know how to do that go to watch this video and learn.

Install SFI banners share it on facebook groups and different other social networks

if you don’t know how to do that please watch this video

You can read in SFI forum and if you find something interesting you can  rewrite about it and post it in your blog,then there the content in social media,people will go to your blog and click to your links and banner and some of them will join your team.

The key to this method is to to be consistent,do it every day,remember in we become what we do every day   and not what we do once in a while.

That is exactly what I am doing every single day I am sponsoring  to sponser new PSA.
That is how I learn now I can sponsor PSAs as much as I want in any country check my badge you can see sponsor badge.

If you’re not a member of SFI you can join my team here:

What is a good standing order?

You may be considering setting up a standing order. What should your standing order provide you to help you with your SFi business.

I suggest the following points:

1.The order should provide you with some Tcredits so that you can participate in the EZ games and the PB auctions.

2. Your standing order should provide enough Versa Points so that you can achieve/maintain at least and EA rank each month.

3. Your order should take advantage of the SFi professional advertising, if you are not getting enough PSA and PRM sign-ups with your own methods. You can take advantage of SFI advertising and get a share of sign-ups with S-builder Co-op units.

So suppose that you want to achieve and maintain EA status each month. I suggest the following standing order:

1 pack of 100 Tcredits for $29 with 1200 VP.
1 unit of S-builder Co-op for $24 with 280 VP.
totals $53 and 1480 VP. (what other business can you operate with an expense of only $53 a month? !!!)

You will then get 1480 VP, 100 T-credits, and some number of PSA and PRM from the S-builder Co-op share of advertising results.
You can easily get the remaining 20 VP in one or two days of doing the daily tasks on the SFI home page.
I suggest setting your order date as the 1st of the month so that you get started as soon as possible each month.

If you want to qualify for BTL each month double the above order. You get a little discount doubling the S-builder Co-op units, so 2 units will only cost you $44:

2 packs of 100 T-credits for $58 with 2400 VP.
2 units of S-builder Co-op for $44 with 560 VP.
totals $102 and 2960 VP (you can boost this to 3000VP in a few days to qualify for BTL if you meet the PSA requirements.)

So let’s get out standing order set up today! Go to your member center to set up or edit your standing order on

Online Business Tips

You have your online business up and running.  But are you making as much as you could?  Do you want to stay at current level or do better and make this a full time income?  If you are thinking this way you may want to consider some making some changes.


The first thing to consider would be changing your website or sales letter.  There are some sites that offer free content to help attract customers and establish your credibility.  Then you have sites that are just one single sales letter.  There are many people who believe that the creation of mini sites is better for creating sales.  The reason is they don’t have any other content and will concentrate on you message.  If you do not feel you write well it is a very worthwhile expenditure to hire someone.  A well written sales letter will pay for itself many times over.

Be sure to keep copies of the older versions of letters since things can change quickly so you will be able to go back to a previous version if you find you are getting less results from the new copy.


Try sending postcards to potential customers.  Many people prefer to be contacted by mail and with today’s email having a multitude of offerings a post card very well can set you apart.  You do not have to rely strictly on contacting people thru an online medium.  There is a world outside of the Internet that can be used very effectively to get customers to read your message.


Can you online business bring repeat customers?  What kind of ideas do you have about complimenting products?  If someone is happy with a product they purchased from you they will be less hesitant on purchasing again.  Be sure to let your current customers know of any new product additions.  If you are selling services contact your customers to let them know you are available for work and maybe offer some discount or other incentive to use you again.  These repeat and satisfied customers can be great referrals to others about your online business.


You never stop learning.  You never know what new information you have may significantly change your business for the better.  There are so many manuals that offer advice it would be basically impossible to read them all.  Select one or two and really study them, put the ideas to work after you have read them and track the progress.


Try widening your income opportunities.  For example if you sell a home repair book, you may also then sell blueprints or a series of common project plans such as a deck, utility shed to name a couple.  The trick is to sometimes find a natural connection.  Sometimes is may also be profitable to think of a new market to become jointly involved with.  Such as home repair book and then become a home loan or construction loan affiliate.  It is a matter of finding another target group that can benefit from your service or product.


The final outcome is you want to attract new customers while continually taking care of your current customers.  Sometimes it is just a matter of some slight changes that will bring the desired income increase from your online business.



How do you form a great team?

It takes great leadership to build great team. Leaders who are not afraid
to course correct, make the difficult decisions and establish standards
of performance that are constantly being met – and improving at all times.

Team building requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths
and what gets them excited to work with others. Team building requires
the management of egos and their constant demands for attention and recognition.

Team building is both an art and a science and the leader who can consistently build
high performance teams is worth their weight in gold.

Here are six ways successful teams are built to last:

1. Be Aware of How You Work

As the leader of the team, you must be extremely aware of your leadership style
and techniques. Are they as effective as you think? How well are they accepted
by the team you are attempting to lead? Evaluate yourself and be critical
about where you can improve, especially in areas that will benefit those
whom you are a leading.

You may have good intentions, but make sure you hold yourself accountable
to course-correct and modify your approach if necessary to assure that you’re leading
from a position of strength and respectability.

2. Get to Know the Rest of the Team

Much like you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions to assure
you maximize performance and results, you must make the time to get to know
your team and encourage camaraderie.

All great leaders know exactly what buttons to push and when to push them.
They are experts at activating the talent that surrounds them.

Fully knowing your team means that you have invested the time to understand
how they are wired to think and what is required to motivate them to excel beyond
what is expected from them.

3. Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Each of your team member’s responsibilities must be interconnected
and dependent upon one another.

Some may not be the most talented person on the team but they may know
how to work best within the “system.” This is why you must have a keen eye
for talent that can evaluate people not only on their ability to play
a particular role – but even more so on whether they fit the workplace culture
(the system) and will be a team player.

4. Be Proactive with Feedback

Feedback is the key to assuring any team is staying on track, but more importantly
that it is improving each day. Feedback should be proactive and constant.

Feedback is simply the art of great communication. It should be something that is
part of one’s natural dialogue. Feedback can be both formal and informal. In fact,
if it becomes too structured and stiff, it becomes difficult for the feedback to be
authentic and impactful.

5. Acknowledge and Reward

With proactive feedback comes acknowledgement and reward.
People love recognition, but are most appreciative of respect. Take the time
to give your teammates the proper accolades they have earned and deserve.

At a time when people want to feel as if they are making a difference,
be a thoughtful leader and reassure your team that you are paying attention
to their efforts. Being genuine in your recognition and respect goes a long way
towards building loyalty and trust. It organically ignites extra effort!

6. Always Celebrate Success

At a time when uncertainty is being dealt with each day, you must take the time
to celebrate success. This goes beyond acknowledgment – this is about taking
a step-back and reflecting on what you have accomplished and what you have
learned throughout the journey.

Leaders are only as successful as their teams and the great ones know that
with the right team dynamics, decisions and diverse personalities,
everyone wins in the end.

7 SFI Commandments

Are you guilty of flouting any of the following “7 SFI Commandments”?

1. Read – Be a voracious reader of at least the entire SFI website, over as short a time as you possibly can. The way to make money in SFI is “hidden” in the books/website. Without reading, you can’t understand the system and also gain the knowledge to make money in SFI.

2. Ask questions – As you go reading, wherever anything seems unclear, ask. SFI Forum is available to answer your questions, neither do many uplines refuse to answer the questions of their downline at anytime.

3. Take Action – Massive, diversified and consistent action, implementing what you are reading. Even the bible states that “faith without works is dead”

4. Patience – Not a sprint but a marathon. Adjust your mindset to accept that this is a long term business venture and not a get rich quick scheme. Each “block” laid on a daily basis gets you nearer completing the super structure to earn life long residual income.

5. Perseverance – You will be tempted to quit many times along the way. Don’t succumb, as the only way to fail is to quit. Some others have experienced same before you and eventually went on to succeed, all because they did not quit.

6. Curtail Spending – Spend within your limit and only on productive things e.g. PSAs, CSAs, TCredits, stock items for resale, transfer buying. You will thus not be frustrated due to excessive spending.

7. Go after Income & Not Rank/Title For Rank/Title Sake- You can have a lower SFI Rank/Title and be making much more money than many with a higher title. Do not play to the gallery by showcasing a high title with no money to show for it. You will merely be “financing” your title. Rather, let your team growth propel your ascension on the SFI Leadership ladder.

Those where 7 SFI Commandments,thank you for reading.