What should i do to build my SFi business?

Do you wander each day through a maze of problems and tasks that you are not really sure is getting you anywhere in your SFI business?

Maybe you have tried to sell this item or that item from tripleclicks and you have had little or no success?

Or maybe you have talked to all your friends and have not received even one sign-up?

The main and most important thing to do to build your business with SFi is to sponsor people! Building your donwline organization is what will bring you commissions and a good income!

Now if you have not been successful in sponsoring people with your own efforts there are some other ways to sponsor people. There is the S-builder co-op units you can purchase for as low as $22 on a standing order. So for as little as $22 a month you can start building your downline with motiviated people who have responded to SFI’s professional world-wide advertising. There is also PSA to go packs that you can purchase as low as $10 for 5 PSA (this purchase will also qualify you to become a BTL if you have 3000Vp.)

Check out this lesson from the launchpad (you can read it on the launchpad)

From the chapter Introduction to Sponsoring
S-Builder Co-op & PSAs to Go
Building your SFI downline is key to growing a profitable SFI business. And you’ll find numerous training aids, strategies, and lessons at the SFI Affiliate Center to help you do so–including this page in your Sponsoring Affiliates Training section, marketing aids and strategies for promoting SFI, the Team Building section of the SFI Forum, and more.

That said, some new SFI Affiliates trying to set up their businesses might not have the time or the knowledge for finding quality Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) and creating a strong team. If you would rather leave this task to the professionals until you get up to speed with your own marketing efforts, consider joining our S-Builder Co-op and/or purchasing PSAs To Go at TripleClicks.

S-Builder Co-op
S-Builder is our international advertising co-op, available to all SFI affiliates, designed to help you accelerate your path to success. S-Builder attracts new affiliates in worldwide advertising campaigns.

You simply purchase one or more monthly shares and in a few weeks begin to receive new sign-ups (both PSAs and PRMs) assigned with YOU as the sponsor/referrer. Of course, you’ll also receive all related commissions for these PSAs and PRMs!

A share (or unit) of S-Builder is as little as $22, or just 72 cents a day. There are a limited number of spots available in the co-op each month, so don’t wait too long during a given month to sign up! To get complete details for S-Builder, check out the S-Builder central info page.

PSAs To Go
PSAs To Go also offer newly joined SFI affiliates–assigned to YOU as their sponsor, but for direct purchase (instead of as a share of an advertising co-op). You can purchase PSAs To Go in packs of 10, 20, or 50, starting at $39. PSAs To Go are generated through a third party working directly with SFI, from targeted campaigns–directed at people who actively search business opportunities from all over the world. NOTE: You can also bid on third-party generated PSAs at Pricebenders Auctions.

As we mentioned above, YOU will be the personal sponsor for the PSAs you receive via S-Builder and PSAs To Go. Each time they place an order at TripleClicks.com, you’ll earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume). Teach your new PSAs how to sponsor and duplicate, and these PSAs can eventually become a group of thousands of affiliates in your downline. For each that becomes an EA2, you can earn lucrative Matching VersaPoints! What’s more, a Standing Order for S-Builder and/or PSAs To Go makes a great way to automatically add fresh, new Affiliates to your team every month.

TIP: Add S-Builder Co-op to your standing order, and get unlimited PSAs To Go at its lowest price of just $1.99 each!

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