12 ways to promote SFI Business

Are you a member of SFI? if yes i am sure that you’re looking for

ways to promote SFI business and build a strong team

in order to boost your perks and commissions.

12 ways to promote SFI Business

Here are 12 ways to promote SFI business.

1. Let us start with E-Cards. You can send 10 e-cards everyday to
your friends & family member to play EZ games. Also you can
use the text ads to promote games.

2. If you have a Blog or Website you can upload SFI banners that
indicate to Grab up to $100 joining bonus. These banners work
very nicely.

3. On second page you find a ‘Save Money Button’ banner that
is suitable to recruit PRMs from Social Media Platforms.

4. On your blog or website upload the banners of Privacy Maxx
and you can upload your website & blog in various search engines
for American citizens.

5. For sports loving people SFI has provided banner to take part
in guessing the winners of Cricket Matches, Football, American
Soccer and Basketball games.

6. Similarly you can upload Wave3 banner on your Website or
Blogs to attract more PRMs. PRMs can give you a life long
commissions when they buy products from TC.

7. You can upload TC products like Wearables, (T-shirts, Caps etc.),
Health & Nutrition Products like High Energy, Anti-Oxidants etc
to sell them online through your blogs & website.

8. You can use the Banners ‘Grow a Second Income’ Earn using more
than 80,000 ways’ on your blogs & website and start sponsoring SFI

9. On page 8 you find dynamic banners that can be used on your website
or blogs to attract customers to Penny Auctions (Price Benders).

10. On page 9 you find various banners that can be helpful in recruiting
ECAs online by loading these banners on your blogs or a website.

11. Additionally you can get flyers of TripleClicks & SFI printed & distribute
them on Railway Stations, Bus stands, Movie Halls, Shopping Malls etc to
sponsor Affiliates and PRMs.

12. You can use Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Ad Exchange Website to
get SFI Affiliates and PRMs for TripleClicks.com

Those are 12 ways to promote SFI business,in case you’re not a member

of SFI please join my team Here and i will help you to build your own SFI business.

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