How can you can help your SFI downline become successful

We all know that building SFI downline is the easiest and fastest way to make money with SFI,and also we know that they more success your SFI downline get,the more successfull you will because,so as their sponsor it is your duty to make your SFI … [Continue reading]

Blogging- another best mode of advertising and it works

Blogging also has been a successful and key tool for advertising and it, s really working for me as my Team size has grown to 180 out of it 115 are PSA and 80% are from advertisement. Few days back I started writing blogs and all publishing … [Continue reading]

The best way to communicate with your downline

The best way to communicate with your downline is whatever works for you. There are numerous ways that SFI has built into the system. You could do the following. 1. Send an email to your affiliate when you want to communicate directly with … [Continue reading]

SFI Team Building

Although advertising TripleClicks is a great suggestion, most newcomers to SFI do not have the qualification skills necessary to become successful first on. I suggest a more feasible effective option; Steer our new Affiliates toward building up a … [Continue reading]

Why should i log into SFI every day?

I have noticed that some of you do not log in to SFI every day. Why should you log in every day? There a lot of reasons but i will list some of the more important ones. 1. Sometimes there are alerts for your attention that you do not want to … [Continue reading]

Tips to achieve goal with SFI

If you´re reading this probably you know that SFI is the great way to create second income,and in this article i am going to give you some tips to achieve goals with your SFI business. Tips to achieve goal with SFI TIP # 1. Make it a goal to … [Continue reading]

How To Build A Strong SFI Team

As you know by know building any amy of SFI affiliates is the best and the fastest way to make money with SFI,So building a strong SFI team is the best way to achieve that.In this article i am going to share with you six things you need to do in … [Continue reading]

YOU make it happen, no one else

YOU make it happen, no one else Not only is this a key rule in SFI, but I consider this to be amongst THE most important lessons in life. NO ONE ELSE can make you successful. It's all up to you. YOU are the "master of your destiny" and responsible … [Continue reading]

Traffic exchange sites

When I am advertising I have learned to never use Traffic exchange sites. 1. Everyone there is just trying to get enough credits so they can run their own ad. 99% of them do not care about your ad they only want the credits. 2. The majority … [Continue reading]

The keys to your success

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The key to your success in the near future is to study all of the lessons on the launch pad and on the to-do list on your SFI home page. Log-in every day on SFI Earn Versa points as you complete the tasks. Join the E365 contest to increase … [Continue reading]