Making Money With Sfi-Earnings Potential Breakdown

Do you want to make money online? If yes I am going to give you Earnings Potential Breakdown so that you can decide if this is for you or not. SFI is not for everyone and making money online it is not a thing that anyone can do (most gurus they … [Continue reading]

Do not become discouraged and give up

Do not become discouraged and give up !!, and do not rest satisfied with partial achievements !!! "saying of the Buddha was, “Do not become discouraged and give up, and do not rest satisfied with partial achievements.” He himself took this piece … [Continue reading]


Most people asked me on how to became an official SFI forum guru,in order to become forum guru there are certain stuffs you need to do.So if you want to became an official SFI forum guru this is what you should do. Get started by simply submitting … [Continue reading]

Reasons To Become Bronze Team Leader

Becoming Bronze team leader in SFI has became vital this is because from 1/04/2017 the power of Opti-Build will sweep the planet…literally! Qualifications needed to became bronze team leader Before i give you reasons to became team leader,first … [Continue reading]

Safelist Marketing-Build A Business Online With Safelist

Safelist marketing is the way to build your online business by using safelist.Safelist marketing works if you put effort and it can be a great way to start online if you don't have a big budget or you just need to test this affiliate marketing … [Continue reading]

How to build A Solid SFI business in 3 steps

Do you want to build a solid SFI business? I mean a business that can make you residual income every month? If the answer is yes then you're at the right place.Building a solid SFI business will requiere only three steps.And in this article i am … [Continue reading]

How much should I rely on my sponsor?

How much should I rely on my sponsor? Every time i get this question i smile,the answer is very simple,never rely on your sponsor. When you  joined SFI, you did not do it because you relied on a sponsor to give you support.Yes he is the one … [Continue reading]

Seven points to grow your downline!

If you have a downline, people that you are sponsoring, you need to help them become successful. Here are Seven  points that i suggest: 1.) First establish good communication. Use email, E-cards, SFI chat, and the telephone if you can. 2.) … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Free Blog in WordPress

I got a question from one of my team member today,this post is the answer to that question  "How Do I Create A Free Blog?" I will attempt to provide a detailed step by step guide to creating a free blog using Wordpress.Com - a free content management … [Continue reading]


SFI – THE GLOBAL FORTUNE BUILDER NETWORK. Most people are interested in earning money online in the comfort of their homes but lack the patience to thoroughly explore the possibility and the determination to work for success consequently, they … [Continue reading]